Royal Conservatory of Music x BC Ministry of Education

♪          Student-based, individually tailored piano lessons

Instruction includes music literacy, technique, repertoire, sight-reading, ear training, practice skills, and basic music theory, as deemed fit for the individual student and their learning style.

♪          The curriculum incorporates the contents and learning outcomes of The Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus, as well as the BC Ministry of Education’s Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Music.

♪          An acoustic or digital piano is required for home practicing, as well as home lessons. It is important for digital pianos to have weighted keys, proper seating, a working damper pedal, and a full keyboard of 88 keys, if possible, to best reflect an acoustic piano. (Generally, Roland digital pianos are a reliable choice. Please always ask the sales person for weighted keys –and press to see if there is any ‘give’ to the piano keys). Acoustic pianos should be in good working condition (functioning pedals, all piano keys sound), and tuned by a well-qualified technician at least once a year. There is a huge range of piano makers available; Craigslist frequently has free, or affordable acoustic pianos if you arrange for moving the instrument to your home. (Please refer to these articles and check with a piano technician BEFORE purchasing a piano -new or used: Piano Technician's Guild Tips, How to Buy a Good Piano, How to Buy a Good Used Piano)

Recommended piano technician: Hiroki Uchino

♪          There are two student recitals during the academic year (usually December & June). It is not required that students perform, however please keep in mind these are organized for the opportunity to share music with others, for students to meet, and to support fellow students.

♪          Sakura Music Studio follows the school's Calendar year: beginning in September - December (Term 1), January - June (Term 2), and July - August (Summer Term). Piano lessons are available throughout the year, and signing up for lessons is welcomed anytime! (pending availability)

♪          Practical piano examinations are held in January, April, and June of every year.

Registration to piano exams will be based upon:
i) the student expresses interest in participating/experiencing the piano examination,
ii) the student demonstrates independent weekly practice meeting technique, repertoire, and ear training goals set at each lesson,
iii) both parent and student understands the dedication needed in order to successfully complete a piano exam.

♪ Recommended lesson duration:

Elementary Levels (Prep - 4): starting with 30 minutes for approximately 4-5 lessons to develop custom tailored lesson structure for the student, increasing to 45 minutes for optimal outcome, allowing for quality learning that arises that may encompass several facets of music literacy (practical playing, music theory, composition, technique, ear training…)

Intermediate Levels (5 - 8): 45 minutes for optimal outcome, allowing for quality learning that arises which may include: technique, sight reading, ear training, repertoire, etudes, music theory… may increase to 60 minutes

Advanced Levels (9+): please inquire

RCM Practical Piano Examinations (Prep - 8): 45 - 60 minutes
RCM Music Theory Examinations (Level 5, Level 8): 45 - 60 minutes