Dear Student,

I am excited to begin working with you on your musical goals! :)

Your musical journey is special and can be fun and rewarding, but to feel this, there must be consistent practice -meaning, do your best to play piano every day between your lessons. Plan your piano practice before school, or right after school. Make sure you practice at least 4 days every week. For the best benefits, play every single day with small goals - make sure to read the lesson notes.

Please make sure to have a notebook (or binder with paper) for lesson notes, this is not just for the teacher but also useful for you to review at home.



A Guideline to Piano Practice

Start with: 5-10 minutes, everyday
Build to 15-20 minutes, everyday
LEVEL UP: 30 - 45 minutes, or more!

Playing anything everyday will get you to the goal the fastest - but things happen, aim for 5 - 6 days per week.
MINIMUM 4 days per week

It is very important to create a good habit for positive practice.
During our lessons, I will suggest different ways to practice, depending on what we are working on.



Recommended Daily Practice

Beginners (or 4 - 7 years old)
10 - 15 minutes*

Elementary Levels (RCM Level 1 - 3)
15 - 30 minutes*

Intermediate Levels (RCM Level 4 - 6)
30 - 45 minutes

Advanced Levels (RCM Level 7 + )
60 - 90+ minutes

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