Dear Student,

I am very excited to begin working with you on your musical goals! :)
Your musical journey is special and will be very fun and rewarding, but to feel this, there must be consistent practice -meaning, do your best to practice piano every day between your lesson. Schedule in piano practice before school, or right after school. Make sure you practice at least 4 days every week (to get the best benefits, practice every single day with small goals!).

If you have time to watch TV/Netflix, play computer games, games on the iPad, etc. then you have time to practice piano.
Homework from school is understandable, but piano practice is homework from piano lessons! :)

Please make sure to bring a notebook or binder filled with paper for lesson notes, this is not just for the teacher but also useful for you to review at home!

A Guideline to Piano Practice

When we are just starting, do your best to practice for 5-10 minutes, everyday.

It is very important to create a good habit for positive practice!
During our lessons, I will suggest different ways to practice, depending on what we are working on.
Please do your best to actively follow those suggestions when you practice.

Recommended Daily Practice

Beginners (or 4 - 7 years old)
10 - 15 minutes*

Elementary Students (or 8 - 11 years old)
15 - 30 minutes*

Intermediate Students (or 12 - 15+ years old)
30 - 45 minutes

Advanced Students (RCM Gr. 8+)
60 - 90+ minutes

I have an 'open door' policy, meaning, if you have any questions or concerns, feel frustrated, or even feel happy, you can write them down in a note for me, or tell me at our next lesson together. I am here to help guide you to solve piano problems, and to support you through your musical journey! :)

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