Summertime Piano Fun!

During the summer months, some students take time off from piano lessons to have a little break, and others continue. While a break is definitely deserved, how do we ensure fingers keep moving so they don't become too rusty?

A fun thing to look into are the the outdoor pianos that pop up starting in July around Vancouver and in nearby cities (eg. Deer Lake Park in Burnaby).

An idea would be for students to learn 1 piece (or more!) of their choice and as a goal to play it on these outdoor pianos!

If they enjoy this unique experience, it could be turned into a summer game to see how many of these outdoor pianos they can find and play their pieces on through the months of July-August-September :)

Usually the organizers of the outdoor pianos offer contests where you can record the playing and win prizes!

Keep checking these websites as they will be updated with the locations of pianos to roll out sometime in July ---

Outdoor pianos around the lower mainland, including Vancouver:

Outdoor pianos mainly in Vancouver:


Happy Playing! :D