"Help! I've lost my place, where am I?"

A question I've heard more than once during lessons over the years :)

First, it's okay!
I've searched the internet world for articles, blog posts, resources... results were far and few but I did come across a few that could be helpful to you -

Let's start by addressing the very basic foundational skill: reading music

Yes - I know it's not a directly talking about finding your place in music, but if you know how to sight read well, I feel it would help the overall issue: 5 Steps to Mastering Sight-Reading by Jazz AdviceThis is worth a read because the musical visuals provided makes it easier to understand the practice tips, the tips are transferable to your own home practice and you should try it out!

Next, the post Help! I'm Lost! Refinding your Place in the Music by eLessons directly addresses the issue of finding your place in music, but from a band/ensemble perspective, where you are playing with fellow musicians, and have a conductor to help keep the time. In a way, it makes it more challenging to find your place! And in others, easier to find your place. Regardless, piano is usually a solo instrument and when we're practicing at home, we are our own conductors.
This is a useful read because it brings light to playing in an ensemble, if you're strapped for time or want to get straight to what helps you, scroll down to "Watching the Conductor" - Practice Looking Up at Home.

Another useful post, Reading Music by Timerens is helpful because it's from a personal perspective with concrete suggestions. This post also gives tips and reassurance that if you stick with practice, with a plan and solution, you'll overcome a block and breakthrough. I found it to be an interesting read!

Happy practicing :)

 image from www.symbols-n-emoticons.com

image from www.symbols-n-emoticons.com