Welcome Back to Lessons!

Back to school, back to music lessons!

Always a time filled with energy, parents eager to have kids go back to school, kids excited to start something new or re-commence lessons, and teachers happy to see students again after a short-but relaxing summer off. 

My goal as a music guide for the academic year of 2015-2016 will be to encourage students to play musically, to give emotion to what they are playing, to help create imaginative thoughts to lift the music off the page to fill the air with their story. To play with colour, to give meaning to what they are doing.

In order to cultivate successful representation of my goal, students will learn about different techniques, how to apply certain techniques to add colour and emotion to their playing, and to continue to inspire story telling for as many pieces as possible.

Yes -there will still be a main focus on note reading, counting, rhythm, etc. etc. etc., I still believe that knowing and understanding basic music theory is a skill that is necessary to become successful independent musicians.

Another teaching goal is to have more posts with useful links to websites and articles about music education, and piano. :) (apologies for the lack thereof for such a long time!)

Here's to a fresh start to the year!

 image from: wncmusicacademy.com

image from: wncmusicacademy.com