"The Simpsons Scale"

 image from: blogs.wfmt.com

image from: blogs.wfmt.com

A friend and colleague sent me a link to an interesting blog post (What Does a Piano Lesson Cost) written by Elissa Milne, her views on piano lessons resonated with my own and thus, I kept searching for more posts... eventually leading me to find: Scale of the Day #2: The Simpsons Scale

It's interesting to think of music as more than the well-known "major" and "minor" ... growing up, I don't remember my teacher ever introducing the other scale pattern types (aka modes)! (...or rather, perhaps she did, but it was WAAAAY beyond me and it didn't process -at all.)

To bring up other scale types to students is a challenging thing for me, personally. Because I was not exposed to this way of thinking, or had my ears attuned to their sounds. But more and more I find that it's important to at least let students know that other scale types exist out there in the world, other than just the 2!

One thing I will try in my teaching beginning as early as upcoming summer lessons, is to introduce this concept of having more than just the 2 scales, and have students improvise within each variety- this will be a challenge and will take some experimenting (oh the lucky students who will be subject to this!) but I'll make it work ...eventually.