Happy School Year!

 image from: www.musicroom.com

image from: www.musicroom.com

The first day back at school usually signals the first week back at most extracirricular activities as well.

As a piano teacher, I find that even though lessons are taught once a week to most students, piano lessons should be seen as a part of routine -which includes practice! ;)

Today, I'm reflecting on the first days of school... how in the classroom teachers are scrambling to get activities organized, making sure the classroom environment is welcoming to past students as well as new students to come through the doors. I do not have the luxury of having my own studio space yet, but I do want to promote a warm and welcoming feeling to my piano students to have a wonderful and productive start to the new school year. 

For first lessons, together with each student, I love brainstorming various goals to be set, reviewing technique, encouraging students to show me what they have been playing during the summer months, what musical adventures they had, etc. Perhaps setting up with a new piano technique (scale, triad, arpeggio, etc) as well as a new piano piece or two for the week to come. Making sure everyone is aware of the importance of daily practice and setting the routine nice and early!

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the year in school, piano lessons, other music lessons, and everything inbetween :)

This year will be a rather busy one with an anticipated move to a studio, changes to offering lessons from a home studio, as well as balancing this current career as a piano teacher and beginning in another creative career as an artist.