Cadenza vs iScore: integrating technology with piano practice!

This past week, a parent I've been working with for many years brought to my attention a neat online notebook called Cadenza.

Optimal for use on the iPad or iMac, this online notebook replaces the handwritten notes of piano lessons (my hands are thankful because my fingers move quicker on the keyboard than handwritten notes!)

This is a very cool concept, because students nowadays, are ALWAYS using an i-Device of some sort, and I find that 1/3 of students DO NOT read the notes I leave in their notebooks!! ...even after reminding them time after time ...after time...

My experience so far:
I have signed up for a teacher account
In order for Cadenza to work, students also need to have a google account, the teacher would then send an invitation to the student's email and they would accept (or decline).
This would then connect the accounts allowing for weekly interaction pertaining to piano lessons, the student would keep track of their practice on the iPad which the teacher is able to view.

Use of emoji's, categories allowing for specific practice strategies and focuses ... this sounds like a neat tool to try!

My only skepticism is that students may not remember to log into their account to log their practices each time they sit at the piano ... I have practice calendars in place, and only 50% of those come back complete each week... Perhaps this will reach out to the individuals highly connected to their devices ?

Regardless, I will give this a try and see how it unfolds :)

(Learn more about Cadenza!)

  • EDIT: (December 11, 2016)

Upon more searching about online tools to complement lessons, I forgot about iScore offered by RCM!

Signing up for a free account with RCM allows you access to a free account to iScore as well. This platform seems to be very similar to Cadenza. It's a little more involved from what I can see from the Teacher's end, which I prefer. I can front load Practice Tips and other information before students join.

I'd like to become more familiar with both platforms in order to compare the two, but first I will need to have students be on board with this idea :)

  • EDIT: (December 12, 2016)

Dived into both Cadenza and iScore!

Cadenza: requires students to be connected to the teacher's account prior to seeing how the platform works...
It does also seem like it would be easier on the student's end when logging in - they would just go to, use their Google account and they're in.
1 step - Simple.

iScore: I created a customized welcome page, and added some practice tips -without having any students connected yet.
If I was a student, I don't think I would be keen on having to log into my RCM account every single time I wanted to use iScore - after logging into the RCM Account I would then find iScore and load the tool. Essentially a 2-step process.

Comparing the user interface:
Cadenza: looks and feels more lighthearted and approachable, if I was a younger student I would be keen to use this because of the friendly font and happy colours
iScore: while colour is used to represent different categories, it is quite gray. The font is small and it feels more for the teenage + learner.

I also reached out to the RCM Community of Certified Teachers of both Elementary and Intermediate Specialists, feedback from a few other teachers noted that Cadenza is more for the private studio and individual students, whereas iScore was more used for Music Classrooms, as well as more for High School, University/College, Adult learners.


There is a free iOS app for Cadenza called "Notemaker - Cadenza"



Even though I've already prepared iScore with tips, etc. I feel I will try out Cadenza with a few students to see what they think.

In the end, it depends on if the student themselves will use the tool! :)