Useful Resources for Music Teachers (online; re: payments, record keeping, etc.)

Music teachers play music.
Music teachers teach music.
(most) music teachers do not like paperwork, filing, book keeping...
especially the financial side of teaching privately.
Music teachers are not trained to be an accountant, bookkeeper, secretary... however, independent music teachers need to play each role above, and more.

Scouring the net for help with organizing such things (fingers crossed, for FREE), I stumbled on a few suggestions from the quarterly published Music Matters (RCM), and suggestions from fellow music teachers.

Here are some sources:

-suggested by Music Matters as a tool for student record keeping -monitoring each students progress.
I have yet to dabble with Trello, as I currently do not use an electronic source to jot down notes during lessons. (still old-school, paper + pencil)
-FREE; but able to upgrade to 'gold' account.

Music Teacher's Helper
-suggested by Music Matters, to help with personal (small business) record keeping, looks like it would be great to keep organized for taxes!
-live calendar (keeping scheduling easy for both teacher and student/parent!)
-online payment option with auto-invoicing (no more awkward reminders for late payments or no payments... direct deposit! hassle free for the student/parent as well)
-a tool to track student progress
-track your financial record
-mileage tracker
*both student/parent are also able to access this to view information.
30 DAY trial... no CC signup
$14, $29, $49 ...monthly fee, depending on number of students. 

-suggested by a fellow music teacher.
-track attendence
-live drag-drop scheduling
-online payment option
-free basic website
45 DAY trial ... no CC signup
$6, $12, $25 ...monthly fee, depending on number of students.

Also: Excel