Physics of the Sound (ii)

 What's happening when we play instruments?
How do the mechanisms work together to make the sounds we hear?
How do we hear sound?
What is sound?

A bright, inquisitive student once brought up how he knew "loud sounds make bigger sound waves, and quieter/higher sounds make sound waves that are squished together". This student is 7 years old and takes a lot of reminding to focus on the task at hand. We often jump around ideas including physics, inventive technique, inventive composition, even creating different symbols for note values.

I am not a science major and didn't take physics in high school. So, off to the interwebs to find more interesting facts of how music and physics are connected.

Stumbled upon this site: The Method Behind the Music .
Not only did it expand my knowledge of sound waves, but also has information on physics + brass instruments, and physics + woodwinds.

Excellent source to begin with to answer a few of your questions (or your inquisitive students' questions).
This is an area I'd like to explore further, and will be posting useful online resources as they surface.