Kids Songs & Rhymes via Handclap Games!

Fun Clapping ! has a list of childhood handclap rhyming games :)

For music teachers: these short simple (repetitive) tunes are easy to transcribe for your students as simple one-line melodies in the treble clef, or, leveling up to include the bass clef!

I have found that children are more excited to learn piano if they are applying their note-reading skills towards tunes or songs they are familiar with, have known from past experiences, or hear on a daily basis. In a child's world, this would include: songs heard from mom & dad (family), friends & the radio, favourite tv shows & cartoons, theme songs from movies, schoolyard games (handclap, 4 square, hopscotch, skip rope, tag, etc.)...

Become interested in what each individual child is interested in and teaching will be a breeze. :)