Montessori : Music ::: Rhythm

What is rhythm?

1. The basic, repetitive pulse of the music
2. A rhythmic pattern that is repeated throughout the music
3. The pattern in time of a single small group of notes

“echo clapping”: clapback given rhythm
-first with simple 4/4, 3/4 patterns (on each beat)
-then, add in notes between beats
-add longer note vales (half, whole)
-finally, add rests

OLDER STUDENTS: write out own rhythmic pattern on whiteboard, record selected patterns in music booklet, clap @ home
(time signature, no notes, note value, rests)

"find the beat"
-clapping, or using sticks, play a song and have student tap/clap out the beat
-instructor to conduct
-*if child is interested in conducting, mini-lesson + integrate.
CHALLENGE: have student identify song: 4/4 or 3/4

music dynamics:
“fast”, “slow”, “loud”, “soft”, "short", "long"