Montessori : Music ::: Pitch

the frequency of sound

"does it sound high or low?"

Develop a sense of pitch.
LISTENING: play extremes on keyboard (high vs. low)
VISUAL: draw stairs with animals representing high vs low sounds, have student point to what they hear
KINESTHETIC: have student play note on piano and have teacher guess!

LISTENING II: play 2 notes, have student tell which note is higher/lower (note 1, or note 2)

Matching Pitch.

LISTENING: play a note, have student sing back (around mid-C)
KINESTHETIC: student plays note, teacher to sing (student tell correct or not)
*TIP: try cupping ears from behind (like an elephant)
CHALLENGE: play a short melody, have student draw what they hear (high, low, turns, repeats, etc.)

8 note scale.
Middle C
Play and sing: C-C
Learn music alphabet: C-C
music vocab: octave