Montessori : Music ::: Music Theory

Music theory: the study of all the elements that make up music: rhythm, melody, harmony, notation.

*note-reading + knowledge of common musical terms

Rhythm: The arrangement of sounds in time. Terms relating to rhythm include time signature, meter, measure, bars, and beats.

Melody: A series of pitches that sound in succession. Terms relating to melody include pitch, notes, interval, octave, major, minor, and key.

Harmony: This occurs when two or more notes are played at the same time or in quick succession. Terms relating to harmony include chord, consonance, and dissonance.

Notation: It’s the written notes that represent at piece of music. Related terms include bass clef, treble clef, staff, grand staff, notes, and time values.


THE STAFF: lines, spaces
NOTES: footballs on lines, spaces, mnemonics
Steps/neighbours, Skips, Leaps


***EVERY CLASS: create a vocab of the week card.