TIPS: how to transcribe by ear

If you have lots of time and would like a challenge, try this at home:
1. Find music with a LH bass pattern you would like to learn, listen to it many many times.
2. When listening to the music, humm along or sing the bassline out until you can sing it without the music.
3. Play the song and sit at the piano, try to figure out the first note by ear.
4. Try figuring out the remaining notes by ear: sing or humm the LH bass to do this. If you feel comfortable writing it out, please do.
5. When you've figured out the notes, listen again and again but this time, try tapping out the rhythm of the LH bass.
6. When you feel comfortable, try adding the rhythm to the notes/chords you've figured out.

It's a long process and takes a lot of time, but when you figure it out, it's very rewarding :)