HOW TO: transcribe by ear FOR KIDS/beginners

RE: HOW TO: TRanscribe by ear (general method)

with beginners and young children, choosing a favourite tune to figure out by ear can be very rewarding.

1. choose a favourite tune
2. hum or sing the tune a few times
3. find the first note on the piano by ear
4. figure out if the next note(s) is higher or lower, by how many sound-steps, find it on the piano
5. repeat step 4. until tune is figured out.
****notate notes using music alphabet (CDE)
***notate rhythm using basic durations (Q, H, W, E)
6. add title, composer, date
7. play :)

Tried and proven with young kids (6-8) with ADD, lack of motivation, lack of musical confidence, a good break from traditional music theory. A great introduction to music theory and composition. :)